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I can develop your idea or product.

I am a freelance web and application developer.

I have several years of experience with Django having been an early adopter.

I have proven ability to quickly pick up existing projects and new technologies.

I have British citizenship and am currently living in Jyväskylä, Finland.

What can I bring to your organisation?

Experience with a variety of web technologies

I have been building web applications for over 10 years.

I have used a variety of tools starting with MySQL and PHP and moving onto Django which is still my framework of choice.

Deep technical knowledge

Having developed toy compilers and designed toy CPUs makes me well placed to solve tricky bugs and quickly identify performance problems as well as to pick up new tools including propriety and internal ones.

Holistic care

By holistic care I mean everything from caring about code quality and automated testing, particularly in larger projects and for regressions, where it's most critical to caring for end-user experience.

Case studies

Infoserve 2013 Autumn/Winter

In collaboration with The Marketing Lab.

Infoserve wanted to expand their business to include full service web and email hosting with user experience as a priority. The Marketing Lab had settled on an approach reusing as much of WHMCS and Roundcube as possible.

I was brought onto the project as the sole full-time developer was leaving. While design work including a prototype of the front end had been completed, the back end work was only as far as a partially working REST web service written in PHP with Silex to persist sessions.

I picked up the project quickly and identified that integrating the back end user sessions with WHMCS was central. WHMCS is propriety software and did not have a documented API sufficient to achieve this task. I was able to reverse engineer parts of WHMCS internal API achieving the task. After this was completed I was able to move the project towards a functional prototype which was essential to further understanding Infoserve's needs.

In addition I wrote a event based socket server to multiplex Nominet's Domain Availability Checker and wrote an "similar domain name" generator.

Technology on the frontend included JQuery, Require.js, Lodash and twig.js. On the backend PHP, SQLite and Silex were used.

Aardweb Development 2013

Provided training in Python, Git, Javascript and Django.

Set up/administrated an Ubuntu Linode VPS running Nginx and Uwsgi including writing Fabric deployment scripts and setting up and incremental backup system with AWS S3.


Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me or have any questions.